Grunn Induction Ceramic Dual Intelligent Cooker GDIC-3100


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Grunn Dual Induction Cooker is made from genuine German SCHOTT CERAN Glass, which is Anti-Scratch and Heat Resistant of up to 850 degree celsius. It allows Induction Cooking (Left) and Infrared Cooking (Right), which enables all cooking methods to suit your needs.

Child lock control

Adjustable temperature settings to allow energy saving

Timer setting of up to 4 hrs of cooking

Easy installation in built in table tops

Does not emit flame or gas to ensure safer cooking environment

Total shared power of 3100W with heating temperature of up to 60o degrees celcius

Suitable for all kinds of cookware (glass, claypot, stainless steel, etc)

Easy to clean by wiping the glass top with a damp cloth after cooking

Cut out size: 67cm x 40cm



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