Warranty Terms & Conditions:

Thank you for purchasing our products. Our products are fully warrantied against manufacturing defects for 12 months and batteries for 6 months from the date of purchase unless Invoice / Receipt states a longer or shorter warranty period.This warranty only covers products imported by Grunn Global Pte Ltd.Please bring the faulty product to our service centre. Transport fees are applicable for non-onsite service products.

*Purchase Invoices / Receipts attachments are compulsary when registering for warranty. Please keep a copy of the invoices / receipts as we will not be able to accept warranty claims without valid invoices / receipts.

Please note that users are required to keep the product packaging and valid invoices / receipts in order to claim the warranty. In the event that the original packaging is diposed or missing, please pack the item safely. Grunn will not be liable for any additional damage that may occur in transit and during repairs.

This warranty does not cover damages arising from or due to act of God, accident, misuse, repairs by un authourized person without the knowledge or approval of Grunn Global Pte Ltd.

Service and transportation fees for onsite service will be charged in accordance to the rate determined by the company.

This warranty also does not cover:

  • 1. Problems arising from or due to misuse, improper installation and lack of maintenence (Eg. Crack on machine body due to drop, water leakage due to not clearing the water tank). 
  • 2. Finishes and consumables. Eg (Filters, Brushes, Wheels Surface, Batteries, Paintwork etc)
  • 3. Use other than in accordance to the instructions for operation
  • 4. Faulty installation, mishandling, scratches, corrosion, rust, colour deterioration and stains.
  • 5. Obstruction and restrictions caused to access faulty electrical parts.

Our decisions on all questions relating to complaints as to defective or materials shall be conclusive and the buyer shall agree to abide by such decisions. Any appliance or defective part which has been replaced shall become our property.

The buyer waives all or any claims to compensation monetary or otherwise which he may be entitled to and shall agree to accept any compensation whatsoever by the way of additional repairs or otherwise which we in our absolute discretion may deem fit to offer. The giving of compensation under this paragraph shall be subject to the other provisions of the warranty.

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