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What is upgraded for Grunn’s i10-Laserbot Robotic Vacuum Cleaner?

i10-Laserbot is built with the newest laser light detection and ranging sensors (LIDAR+) to navigate and map. Equipped with very precise navigation accuracy, it ensures full coverage of the cleaning areas. Once the cleaning area is mapped out, the map will be stored permanently in the Wifi app, which will enable the robot to follow the exact same cleaning path during each operation. The upgraded Wifi app is designed to allow users to save the map, select desired cleaning area and create partition to prevent the robot from moving into a restricted area.

With an in-built function of Last Location Memory, our i10-Laserbot is able to remember the last location it stopped during cleaning, if the previous cleaning path was not yet completed. It continues cleaning from that same area and progresses to the other uncleaned areas, so it does not have to re-start all over again.

An upgraded battery of 5200mAh Lithium Ion maximizes cleaning range, operating duration (160-180mins) and battery lifespan. In-built with a 2800pa Ultra Brushless DC Motor (BLDC), it generates an ultra powerful cyclonic suction power, the roller brush picking up even the finest dust on floors and carpets for very thorough cleaning.

Users have an option to purchase our Dirt Disposal Station which allows the robot to automatically dispose dirt and dust into the station. The Dirt Disposal Station comes with a reusable cloth dustbag.


Features and Specifications

– Laser Light Detection and Ranging Sensors (LIDAR+) Navigation Mapping System

-Ultra Brushless DC Motor (BLDC) Provides Powerful Cyclonic Suction Power With Extended Lifespan

– Built-In Wifi App with Real Time Movement Route Tracking

– Cleaning path is permanently stored in the Wifi app

-Allows users to customise designated / restricted cleaning areas in the app

-Last Location Memory: Able to start cleaning from the area it last stopped if cleaning was not yet completed

– Magnetic strip as a barrier to prevent the robot from accessing certain places

– Rotating brush suction Inlet to improve cleaning effectiveness

– Electric Pump Wet Water Mopping Tank – 230ml (Please do not add chemical / detergent into the water tank)

– Daily scheduling function

– Upgraded 5200mah Lithium Ion Battery

– Average 3 hours Operation Time

– Average 4 – 5 Hours Charging Time

– 9.6 cm Height Limit

– Front Bionic Sensor with Sensitive Bumper

– Suction Power: 2800Pa

– Warranty: 1 year on electrical components, 6 months on battery

Accessories in box
1 x dust tank
1 x mopping tank
4 x spinning brushes
1 set of charging adapter and docking station
2 x mopping cloths
1 x hepa filter
1 x cleaning brush
1 x remote control
1 x magnetic strip
1 x user manual & warranty card


Grunn i10-Laserbot Wifi Connection Manual


Product FAQ

1. Is user manual provided?

Yes, please refer to the user manual on how to set up the product.

2. How do I maintain the item? Which spare parts can be washed?

Clear the dustbin at least once a week.

Do not wash the hepa filter, use a brush to clean off the dust. Change the filter at least once every 6 months. 

Netting filter, side spinning brushes, bottom roller brush and the dustbox can be washed. Dry the parts thoroughly.

Use a damp cloth to clean off any excess dust accumulated on the item.

Remove any leftover water in the mopping tank and wash the mopping cloth after each use.

3. Can I use chemicals in the mopping tank?

Do not add any chemicals in the mopping tank. Only plain tap water is allowed. If the mopping tank malfunctions due to chemical added, warranty will not be covered due to user mishandling.

4. The robot does not seem to be charging.

Please switch on the power button located at the side of the robot to enable charging.

5. My robot is only able to operate for a short time and I need to charge the battery again.

Average lifespan for nickel batteries is 8-12 months. Average lifespan for lithium ion batteries is 14-18 months. Most possible reason is the battery needs to be changed. Please contact our office for purchase.

6. Where can I purchase spare parts?

Please search for “Spare parts” under “Grunn” and “Harumi” tabs, there will be a link to direct customers on the purchase. Alternatively, spare parts can be purchased from our office and authorised dealer shop. You may contact us to check on stock beforehand.

Warranty & Repairs

1. How long is the warranty?
1 year standard warranty on product malfunction. All batteries come with a 6-month warranty. Warranty claims are only valid with proof of purchase ie. Order number for online purchases, Purchase receipt, E-warranty registration or Warranty card sent to our office.

2. What does warranty cover?

Warranty only covers electrical components, ie. Spare parts wear & tear are not included. Warranty does not cover issues due to user mishandling the product (eg: cracks / breakages due to hard force).

3. The product shows an error code and does not function properly anymore. What should I do?

Take note of the error code and refer to the user manual for the error code illustration. If user is unable to troubleshoot, bring the product to the service centre and inform our staff on the issue.

How long does servicing an item take?

For simple issues, repairs can be completed within 3 working days. For more complicated problems which require testing, it may take up to 7-10 working days.

4. Is transport service provided for faulty items?

We only provide transport service for our Dual Intelligent Cookers which are still within the warranty period. Should customers require transport service, we are able to arrange at a fee.

5. I have placed an order. When can I receive my item?

Orders will be processed within 2 working days, and it may take up to 5 working days for the order to be delivered. Customers will be notified via email when their orders have been sent out.

6. Can I buy electrical parts and repair it myself?

We do not allow sales of electrical parts. All our products need to be repaired by our certified technician.


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