Grunn Steam Mop GSM-88


Grunn GSM-88 Steam Mop

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GRÜNN’s Steam Cleaning Mop is a device which utilizes water to emit continuous burst of high temperature steam to detox floor and remove stains. 

The steam mop is one of GRÜNN’s newest innovations to replace the conventional mops with value added functions and convenience. With a conventional mop, dirty water is constantly reused during mopping. Research indicates mopping with dirty water encourages growth and spread of bacteria especially harmful for infants and elderly. It also result in much wastage of water when water is poured away. 

With GRÜNN’s latest Steam Cleaning Mop, consumer can be assured that 99% of harmful bacteria from the floor will be eliminated. GRÜNN’s Steam mop is designed for all kinds of floors including carpet, wood, tile etc, with light weight materials and built-in safety features such as auto shut off when the water tank is empty.

Consumers can thus enjoy a smarter lifestyle product where mopping is made easier and more efficient without having to worry about diseases and bacteria for their children and elderly parents.

320ml Water Tank Capacity with Auto Power Cut When Water Tank is Empty
15mins Continous Steam (High Temp At 95°C)
Suitable For All Flooring Types (Wood, Ceramic, Marble, Vinyl)
45 Seconds Start Up Time
Attached With 4.5m Long Wire + Adjustable Wire Holder For Convenience In Keeping After Use
Includes Mopping Pad / Carpet Glider / Measuring Cup
Power: 1100W to 1300W
Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz
Voltage: 220V to 240V

NOTE: Floor cleaning chemicals / detergent are not allowed to be added into the water tank, only plain water is allowed. If necessary to use floor cleaning detergent, it may be added onto the mopping cloth directly. 


Warranty & Repairs

How long is the warranty?
1 year standard warranty on product malfunction. All batteries come with a 6-month warranty. Warranty claims are only valid with proof of purchase ie. Order number for online purchases, Purchase receipt, E-warranty registration or Warranty card sent to our office.

What does warranty cover?

Warranty only covers electrical components, ie. Spare parts wear & tear are not included. Warranty does not cover issues due to user mishandling the product (eg: cracks / breakages due to hard force).

The product shows an error code and does not function properly anymore. What should I do?

Take note of the error code and refer to the user manual for the error code illustration. If user is unable to troubleshoot, bring the product to the service centre and inform our staff on the issue.

How long does servicing an item take?

For simple issues, repairs can be completed within 3 working days. For more complicated problems which require testing, it may take up to 7-10 working days.

Is transport service provided for faulty items?

We only provide transport service for our Dual Intelligent Cookers which are still within the warranty period. Should customers require transport service, we are able to arrange at a fee.

I have placed an order. When can I receive my item?

Orders will be processed within 2 working days, and it may take up to 5 working days for the order to be delivered. Customers will be notified via email when their orders have been sent out.

Can I buy electrical parts and repair it myself?

We do not allow sales of electrical parts. All our products need to be repaired by our certified technician.


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