Grunn Oscillating Air Fryer F3-Magicfry


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Watch step by step guide on how to operate






Double Layered Cover – Dual transparent covers maintain cooking temperature and allows easy view during cooking process



Adjustable Cooking Angle – Allows food to be automatically tossed at an adjustable angle of 45° or 90°



Multi Function Menu Selection – Choose between a wide range of cooking styles with cooking guide: Bake / Roast / Grill /Stir Fry / Deep Fry.



360° Oscillating Motion – A unique auto rolling function simulates an effective stir frying motion.



3D Heat Wave Technology – Ensures maximum heat retention & balanced heat circulation to ensure food is cooked evenly



Easy Removal & Maintenance – A detachable pot handle and tong ensures easy removal and washing of pot / frying pan after cooking.


Power: 1200W – 1400W   Voltage: 220V – 240V
Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
Pot Material: Non-Stick Coating
Colour: Brilliant Black
Product Dimension: L38 x W33.5 x H34.5 cm
Net / Gross Weight: 10.5kg / 13.5kg
Accessories: Non-Stick Pan / Tongs / Oil Filter / Pot Handle / Rack


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